New year, new…what?

So, the fact that I haven’t managed to write a single blog post until the first weekend after the new year isn’t exactly a sign of me getting this year off to a flying start, or is it?

I didn’t really have big expectations for the beginning of the year, but I did kind of want to start it out with a little bit of pizazz, just to give myself a bit of motivational momentum. But, it turns out, I was tired. So, I did what I always do when I’m tired.

Only what I have to do.

Turns out though, what I have to do happens to be a whole effin lot, and looking back now at just this itty bitt week after the new year, I’m actually kind of surprised and even a little bit impressed.

journey of life, mountain climbing, california mountains, rock climbing

What are some things that have happened so far…let’s see…

Root beer floats, countdown, and confetti poppers on new year’s

Family together, talking about gratefulness, losses and gains, and good times in 2015

Letting the kids have their way with (kids’) Netflix and (age appropriate) video games so mom can sleep and laze around as much as possible

Taking down and packing up all Christmas decorations and getting the house back in order

Sichuan dinner date night with DH

Dentist and Dr’s appointments for the year begun (2 down, 16 to go!)

Kids back to school

Car cleaned

Basketball season resumed for #5 (game won, I might add!)

Giant cabbage from school project planted with #6

Library books returned

#4 signed up for track and field

Managed to wash my hair several times 🙂

Did Zumba and Just Dance with the kids, TWICE!

Uploaded all holiday pictures to hard drive

Food for everyone, everyday (OK, now I’m just boasting!)

But seriously, it’s easy to forget how the little things add up and eventually become big things. Little stones become a great wall, little gusts of wind become a mighty storm, little footsteps become a long journey…ahem, you get the point.

So, I guess if I had to make any sort of resolution, it would be this: Don’t stop doing the little things. In fact, start doing more little things. Take small steps. Then relax. Breathe, eat, hug, smile, notice, listen, enjoy. Then take a few more steps. Stop again. Take a few more steps. Before you know it, you will be at the top of the mountain.

motivation for the new year, 2016, mountain, jump, progress


2 thoughts on “New year, new…what?

  1. Yes! Putting it all down helps you see all that you are accomplishing. Good for you. Since you have a large family, I’d be interested in hearing how the kids help at home. I’m always curious to hear how others run their homes 🙂


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