One step, two step, three step….

easy way of setting goals that actually works

I’ve had some vague goals for myself for a while now, and I’ve gotten all gung-ho about them for as long as 2 or 3 days at times, but it’s been hard to make them stick.

It’s great to have goals, but even specific goals won’t get us anywhere without landing gear. I am a testament  of that.

So, what I’ve done is set some long-term (for 2016) goals,  and then I set short-term, down-to-earth WEEKLY goals (a week at a time, not in advance, HA), and then sometimes I put up daily to-do lists on my fridge.

Here’s my goals for 2016 chart, although I will probably tweak it along the way. As I was making it, I kept getting more and more ideas of what I wanted to do, and I have a separate list of my secondary goal list on my computer–you know, just in case I complete all these goals and run out of worlds to conquer (Haha).

Goals for 2016

By the way, these goals are not just so I can put them down in a blog post. These are my real, honest-to-goodness goals.

I’ve printed them out and put them up next to my night stand as well as my mirror. Hopefully this daily and nightly reminder will help inspire and motivate me to keep the faith!

Here’s my weekly goal chart that I will fill in each week, and hopefully tick off each week as well! I’m EXCITED!!! I’m excited because I have a plan that is challenging AND attainable. I’m excited because I’ve already ticked TWO of my goals for this week of my weekly goal list! I’m excited because I might actually be able to do this thang!

blank weekly goal chart for moms

If you would like to use this weekly goal chart, feel free to download it by clicking on the link below.

Free printable weekly goal chart

So far this week I’ve been able to tick off planning school for my 4 year old who has school at home with me, including organizing his school cabinet, supplies, etc.

I’ve also been able to tick off a few other small things, like put some of my kids’ artwork in frames and up on the wall. (It looks beautiful, if I may say so myself!)

Happy goal-making! Please let me know what you are doing to enrich your life and fulfill your goals and dreams!

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