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I got some news….

It’s been over a month since I posted. It has been an eventful month, to say the least.

My 3rd grader won an award for being a terrific kid in school, and another got elected to a leadership position in her high school club. Yet another daughter has been contemplating switching to the college high school, so that’s an exciting possible development! My 1st grader has finally taken off in her reading and is thrilled about it. My 4 year old is teaching himself addition on his sister’s calculator. Winning!

After winning the Super Bowl (Yes, apparently whoever we root for gains points from our powerful couch support) my 2 oldest sons were in a serious accident with friends where the car they were in was totaled, and somehow managed to walk out pretty much unscathed. Just a late night visit to the ER, a few X-rays, a CT scan, fractured finger splint and some very bruised bodies, and I think we have 2 very safe future drivers on our hands! Two down, six to go! Safe drivers, not accidents, that is.

splint, finger fracture, accident with kids

Such a gangsta!

There were of course dentist appointments, visits with and from friends and family, beach and park days, and lazing around watching Netflix days .at the beach, beach, shore, sand, water, sea, daughter and mother, sunsetpreschooler, sand play, forts in sand, creative play, park, sensory play

There were doctor visits too–including one where our GP complained about the ER doctor putting my son’s splint on wrong and then proceeding to put on a shiny new one.

Our fruit trees have blossomed and blessed us with such beautiful sights and smells, I never get tired of walking down the hill and enjoying them. Thanks to El Nino, we have wildflowers and blossoms everywhere. Happy, happy!

almond blossoms, white flowers

Sports started and sports finished,  (a basketball championship for my 6th grader! Go, boys!) Next up: Soccer? Baseball? Gymnastics? It could be anything really.

My husband’s work has taken him out of town a lot more. To say he’s an expert is an understatement. When he comes home it’s always a special occasion.

Then there was me.

I’ve been experiencing some pain in my abdomen, including gas and bloating which has kept me up at night and is generally pretty uncomfortable. Not all the time. I can still manage. To be honest, the fatigue is more bothersome than the pain. It feels like I’ve just been shot up with sleeping pills, and once my eyes decide they’ve had enough, nothing can make them open.

After talking with my doctor about it, he ordered an ultrasound and a pelvic exam.

Here’s the news. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad.

It turns out I have ovarian cysts–not big enough to cause concern, just some discomfort. They usually go away on their own, so I’m told.

A bit more worrisome is that it was discovered that I have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry. It seems most doctors don’t either. Here is a description from Mayo Clinic:

“Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease occurs when your liver has trouble breaking down fats, causing fat to build up in your liver tissue.

Doctors aren’t sure what causes nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. The wide range of diseases and conditions linked to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is so diverse that it’s difficult to pinpoint any one cause.

Symptoms include:

extreme fatigue

confusion, difficulty concentrating


pain in abdomen



loss of appetite/weight loss (this has NOT happened to me)

In general, NAFLD is not serious–unless left untreated, in which case, it can lead to liver failure. And, well, we don’t want that!

Sooooo what next? When researching treatments and diet for fatty (or enlarged) liver in particular, guess what? Everything pointed to the same things:

Exercise (This always seemed to come up first)

Drink water

Avoid anything with fructose in it

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

And a few other more specific things like eat foods rich in Vitamin D and Vitamin E.

So, it is with reluctant gusto that I have decided to NOT go on a diet, but rather make the changes I’ve been wanting to make for a while, but never had enough self-discipline to make. And that is what this blog is (mostly) going to be about.

So far, I haven’t done so well. I love good food, I love sleep and I love being lazy. I will still need plenty of sleep, but I will be making healthy food choices, and yes,


There are a few things I’m contemplating attempting–water detox, veggie/fruit smoothie detox, no starches…to name a few. For now, I’m just eating less, drinking water more, eating more sardines and herring, spinach, almonds, adding sunflower seeds to everything, eating yogurt everyday, and trying to make at least on uber-healthy smoothie a day.

Oh yeah, and I’ve been walking more and kind of dance around when I’m making dinner or brushing my teeth. Small steps?

Send me all your positive vibes, friends, because I will be needing them!

good vibes gif












7 thoughts on “I got some news….

  1. I love your blog so far Ang…nice pics too! These are great and valid points for all of us no-longer-20-somethings. It’s hard to take any time for yourself in this busy life, but I’m learning too that our best investment is in ourselves, because then all the rest will follow! Cheers to a happier, healthier 2016! I’m right there with you, and am sending love and healing vibes your way! xxx


    1. Thanks, Joy! Yes, you are so right. It’s so tough, but so needed. Also, finding out what it really means to take care of myself–not always just idle relaxing, although that definitely has its time and place. Hope to see you more this year! XO


  2. Sure hope your health picks up, Ang! Love reading your blog and the adventures of your family. Your voice is perfect. Your writing voice in this case – you know I love your singing and speaking voice already (or you should).


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