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Little Week of Horrors

Sitting here at the end of a long and gruesome week, I can hardly believe we made it through and are not only OK, but truly, we are better than OK.

People have told me, “You’re so brave,” and I always say to them, “Only when I have to be.” I don’t go seeking possibly life-threatening adventures; they always seem to seek me out!

Well, we all had to be pretty brave this week, and now that we’ve overcome, we look back and say, “Actually, that wasn’t so bad. And next time we’ll be even braver. We’ll be stronger. We’ll be ready, because we know we can get through it.”

I guess I’d better tell you what happened.

Needing Stitches

No, Shawn Mendes, no broken-hearted lovers here. Just a few gigantically scary gashes in my daughter’s foot. That needed stitches.

Let me explain.

Our house is built in such a way that it could serve as two houses; the top floor being for the landlords, the bottom floor for tenants to rent. Everything is separate–separate doors, kitchen, fireplace, etc. When the door that connects the upstairs and downstairs is closed, nothing can be heard from one floor to another. (Just setting the scene here)

I was out running errands, but the story goes that my 9 year old was locked out of the house, and tried knocking on the door, ringing the doorbell, yelling at the top of her lungs (and she’s got strong ones!), but no one heard her. She then proceeded to knock (read: violently beat) on the glass window next to the front door, which then broke, crashing down on her foot and the inside of her lower leg, slicing it in several places.

If you’re thinking, “OUCH!!!!!!” then multiply that by 100 and you’re getting close. Five hours of ER later, and we have a brave little girl with 7 stitches, hobbling on crutches like a pro.

There was an even bigger scare, though. They weren’t sure if there was still glass in her foot, despite the 3 X-rays at the ER and 2 more our doctor ordered. So for a while, we thought they might have to open up her (stitched up) cut, get the glass out, and stitch it up again. She was NOT a happy little girl when she heard this.20160322_151427You should’ve seen her face when the doctor came in to tell her the good news that the radiologist confirmed that there was NO foreign body in her foot! She exclaimed, “I was praying all morning that there would be no glass left in there!”

Wow. She said it.

Doesn’t seem so bad now, but at the time, life as we knew it seemed it would end. Terribly.

Hopeless Wanderer

On to the next crisis.

We live in a country community on a hill, and a lot of our neighbors have big properties with horses, sheep, llamas and all sorts of other animals on them. (Yes, it’s awesome! And stinky! And noisy! And awesome!) The gates and fences between all of the properties are often more of a divider than a barrier, so it is pretty easy for our dog (who’s already a somewhat clueless adventurer) to get out, take a stroll around the block, and come right back, usually. But last week he wandered a bit too far, into unknown territory, and he was picked up by a “Good Samaritan” and sent to the pound, completely unbeknownst to us. (Insert sympathetic angry face)

Only after searching for him for hours and hours up and down all the little side roads and winding pathways that make up our neighborhood did we find out that he had in fact been taken to the animal shelter, and that we couldn’t get him out until the next day at 11!

Major crisis averted–hopeless wanderer of a dog not lost for good, just spending a lonely night in a dog jail cell. To the casual reader, this might not sound like a crisis, but when you have 8 kids who look forward every day to playing with their beloved best friend, and then you think you might have to tell them that he is now playing with other children in a better place (i.e. doggie heaven), believe me, this constitutes as a CRISIS!

Next day, we go to reclaim our foolish yet adored pet, and the vet uses the N-word with us! Can you believe it?! (neuter) That’s right, no more alpha male, just a furry, shaggy, happy-go-lucky dog that we could pick up THE NEXT DAY in the next town–because, of course, no vets do that surgery here (WHAT?!) Another lonely night in a jail cell. Poor pooch. Poor kids. Poor me.

BUT, we pick him up from the vet the next day, learn all about the cone of shame and what to do if his… um… area of surgery doesn’t look too good, and he comes home to many happy and relieved children! Ahhh, all’s well that ends well!happyconedogsmJust look at that face. What a fine looking cone-dog!

Que Sera, Sera

Lastly, we got some bad news. One of my kids has invested a lot of time and money into a project, only to find out that it didn’t pan out. End of the world? Might seem like it temporarily, but no. Time and resources wasted? Maybe. Life lessons learned? A WHOLE BUNCH. Still, despite the other difficult things that happened last week, I’d have to say this was by far the toughest to deal with, and it was rather depressing and even a little bit terrifying.

But when you’re in a situation you can’t escape from, you literally have no choice but to shake it off, face it and deal with it the best way you can. And that’s just what we’re doing. This situation has not reached its happy ending yet, but I know that it will…eventually. Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be. If we can’t change it, what’s the point in fussing over it? No point.

Everything else has worked out, and I know this will work out too. It will just take longer, and not resolve as easily or neatly as some of our other crises, but maybe that’s for the best in the long run. Nothing like experience to teach you how to live life to the fullest.

The Show Must Go On

I’m no surfer, but I hear the bigger the wave, the bigger the thrill.  This week we rode not one, but several Guinness Book of Record-high waves. And to tell you the truth, looking back now, it was kind of thrilling! The thrill is in the overcoming, in not being overpowered by, but overpowering the wave!

One week later, and we’re having pizza together after a fun Easter egg hunt in our backyard, and everyone is home, safe and healthy. Life is good. Little things matter, little things make us happy. We are enjoying the lovely spring weather, wildflowers, cool sunsets and starry nights.


sunflaretreesmWe are content, we are blessed.


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